Let’s start this journey from the best possible place, the beginning, which happens to be a small dairy farm in the middle of Waikato, New Zealand.

When people think of home different places, faces and feelings come to mind, but for all of us, this is where our journey begins. I grew up as the youngest of four, (by a long shot), surrounded by a family who as individuals accomplished the most amazing feats - well in my eyes.  We were, (and are), by any standards a run-of-the-mill family, yet I would find myself bragging about each and every one of them, to whoever would listen. My father, the hardest worker I have ever seen always ensured the farm was pristine, and of course he had the best cows in the whole area, (confirmed by my calves winning best ‘dairy type’ every year at calf club’). My mother, cooking extraordinaire, would send me to school with pesto and tomato sandwiches, and it was because of her that everyone wanted to come to my birthday parties, they wanted HER cake. My oldest brother, well he was head boy, captain of the first fifteen and an aspiring pilot – I strived in everything I did to make him proud. My oldest sister and my best friend - I wanted to be just like her and I would brag to my friends about the cool things we did together - they all wanted a big sister just like her. And lastly my other older brother, dedicated runner and the family’s only graduate, another hard worker just like dad.

Looking back I may have come across as a brat, constantly bragging about my wonderful family, but as I've grown the bragging hasn't really stopped. Even in this small spot in the middle of the Waikato, I am surrounded by both friends and family who are simply wonderful, and who are all doing extremely exciting things. And you know what, its time they were celebrated! Our communities whether large or small are goldmines, filled with extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Enter Goldmine, a place where I will share with you the stories of others in hope to inspire, encourage, create collaboration, and celebrate all that is good!

I will also be sharing with you my own personal journey toward living sustainably, creatively and collaboratively. 


Vintage Photo montage cred. My family. Still bragging. I am because they are. 


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