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What a crazy couple of weeks I've just had! I've been so overwhelmed with all the wonderful feedback and encouraging words  received from all of you. And here I was thinking that no one would read this blog, so thank you! I am still working on my next profile and zero waste posts but I thought Id share some of my inspiration with you all. Also today is my birthday and with everyone's kind words I thought this would be fitting. Today I celebrated with pink lippy, sequins, beer and family, what more could I want or need! 


So anyway there is a man who has been hugely influential in my own journey and the creation of this blog, whom I have never met. Since watching his TED Talk, "why schools kill creativity",I have been obsessed. Sir Ken Robinson is a professor, and world leader when it comes to creativity, innovation, personal development and human resources. After watching his talks for about the tenth time, I went out and brought two of his books and man have they changed my whole thinking process. Through them I ended up finding myself intrigued and excited about this whole concept of creativity. I used to have a very narrow conception of what creativity really was, I thought to be creative you have to be an artist, a musician, designer or performer but I soon realised that creativity is much bigger than that! In Ken’s book “Finding your Element” he describes the place where individuals are most creative is when their “personal passions and natural talents meet”. 


In "Out of Our Minds", Robinson explores the true meaning of creativity as a whole and what happens to our own creativity as we get older. As children we are highly creative, yet as we get older we seem to feel as though we loose that creativity. But why? "Out of Our Minds" looks at how the schooling system and society affects this massive issue. These two books are bloody good reads and I would recommend to anyone! Also make sure you check out his TED Talks, he has revolutionised the way I think about creativity and has unlocked my passion for sharing creative's stories and encouraging collaboration. 


Happy days

Katie xx

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