Sustainable Sunday #4 - Safety Razors


With my current war against plastic continuously on the rise, my next battle was that of plastic razors. Sure they aren’t terrible,  you can reuse the handles and they last, but one word. Unrecyclable. They also come in copious amounts of plastic packaging (of which is infuriating to even open!). So I decided to go one further, and purchase a beautifully designed safety razor - doesnt that just roll off the tongue nicely?    

I didnt want to jump the gun by talking about this product before I had tried it, so I threw it in my backpack and took it round South America, surely that would be a good enough test. As I travelled, I often had little control over how much waste I produced. It was frustrating. But I was grateful for my saftey razor, for it was something I could control.  

I got mine through Goodfella, a New Zealand owned and operated online store, who has safety razors for your every need. I went with the cheap option of a smaller travel razor (you know I'm a tight ass) which was around the $30 mark. Note - dont forget to purchase the blades are well, I made that amateur miskate.

Sure these razors are targeted to men but who says women cant use them?! Ive been using mine for around five months now and have changed the blade about four times. Easy to use and care for, simply dry it after use and oil it every couple of uses, coconut oil works a treat!   

To dispose of blades : Its important to not just throw these little blades in the recycling as they can fall through cracks and cause damage to recyling machines or hurt workers. Ive been collecting mine so I can dispose of them properly later. 

Ah smooth skin and zero waste. Who said all hippies are hairy! 

Happy Sustainable Sunday

Katie xx

Note : On review of Goodfellas site, them seem to have discontinued the travel razor, but never fear, Shaver Hut  have a huge range of razors within that same $30.00 mark.