Things are going to change slightly around here...


Almost three years ago I embarked on a special trip that changed my life. I was given the opportunity to experience the Inka Trail in Peru with a good friend of mine. I instantly fell in love with the place and the people as it felt like a home away from home. Since returning home, South America has been in my head and in my heart every day. This year I’m returning, in a quest to give back.

Approximately 4 million people live in poverty in Ecuador (35% of the population) and about “17% more citizens are in danger of entering poverty, and there are around 200,000 children in child labour”. This tiny nation has been exploited and ancient Amazon communities and traditions lost due to the greed of oil giant and it's governments own quest for a stronger economy. On my journey Ill be spending two months in the city of Quito volunteering my time to caring for street/market children. Giving these children the opportunity to play and learn, something many of them don’t get the chance to do as they are taken to the markets every day. I can’t even express to how, why or what I am feeling. But the one thing I know is that I am following my heart.

Image sourced from IVHQ  

Image sourced from IVHQ  

I am so thankful to Matt and Lisa Cooper, the owners of Paddock, for supporting me in this adventure, and any donations would be gratefully accepted. On the 1st of May, Burgers for Street Kids will be going down at Paddock, where the profits from every burger sold will go toward the children in Quito and getting me there!  I will also be blogging about my experiences, which means the posts will change slightly when I am on this journey.

So come July I will be jetting off to South America, come on a journey with me! 


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