Pecha Kucha Hamilton!

The last few weeks have been absolute manic. Currently I am working two jobs, trying to save like crazy for my trip to South America in July, only 4 weeks to go! As a result Goldmine, has been a little neglected but hasn’t been far from my mind and neither has my zero waste mission. My bathroom is now zero waste! (More Sustainable Sunday posts to come as soon as I get some time).

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Pecha Kucha Hamilton. All I can say is WHAT AN AMAZING EVENT. If you have the opportunity to go, do it. Such a diverse range of speakers, who just proved my point, our community is a goldmine.

I’m sure a lot of you are reading this thinking, ‘what the hang is Pecha Kucha?’ Pecha Kucha was developed in Japan by architects which created a format to giving structured interesting presentations. Each speaker gets to choose 20 images and they automatically change every 20 seconds, and the speaker talks along with them. The result, a poetic talk about what you are most passionate about, all in six minutes.

I decided to talk about what I know best. My own personal journey toward finding my creative outlet through my greatest passions, people and the planet. Starting with my family ties to the farm and nature to what I learn as I get older. I was terrified, physically sick before the show, as the auditorium filled slowly, I considered backing out. Sharing something so personal to a bunch of strangers is naturally scary but the outcome was so rewarding.

It’s a funny thing that as you get older you start to care less about what people think and start to stand tall in the things that you believe, and this opportunity solidified that even more. Its also funny that as you get older and you reflect on your own journey, you start to understand why and how you got where you are. Things really do happen for a reason and things will always fall into place. My main mission is to make people think more about their impact on the planet and at Pecha Kucha I got to do that! I am so thankful to Jess, for the push to do it and her organisation of the whole event.

“I now find myself constantly thinking of new ways to eliminate waste out of my life. Where my mind would once wander to thoughts of love, money and fairy tales it now wanders to recipes of homemade toothpaste and deodorant”

Katie HineComment