And so the adventure begins.


By now I have been in Quito, Ecuador a week! It has been one hell of a week at that. But lets start from the beginning of the journey.... 

Naturally with 30 hours of travel you get a lot of time to think. As I sat in Santiago Airport in Chile with four hours to kill I decided to reflect upon my journey up until this point. This last year has been a crazy whirlwind, from the conception of this crazy idea to travel South America for four months.

The last eight months have been filled with working two jobs + planning this trip + starting a blog (craziness at its best). But within a blink of an eye here I am safely in the South American continent all by myself, I really am a grown up (I havent even fallen over yet!) 

While I am unbelievably proud of myself for working hard to make this dream a reality, I really cant take all the credit. As I look back both friends, family and my two bosses have been nothing but encouraging and supportive. I would not have had the strength to do this by myself without you. THANK YOU.

Ive been finding myself thinking about something many people have said in the lead up to this trip. "You're so brave".    While the compliment and the right intention is there, it made me think, "must we be brave to live?" Bravery never crossed my mind, my heart took over that capacity. While I sat in the stinky airport, tired, smelly (not even my deodorant can stand this much air travel) I could honestly say I had never felt so alive (until this week).

Lesson learned; what your heart, soul, dreams (whatever you may call it) go for it. You've hard it before, we only have one life. Hvaing to be brave should never be an option, just live. 


Love from Quito, 



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