Sustainable Sunday - Minimalist. Minimising Stuff.

After returning home I noticed very quickly that I simply have too much stuff. A wardrobe full of clothes, most of which I never wear. Draws filled with bits and bobs . My room = full of shit taking up space. And whats the point? in our society is status based on possessions? The more we have the more we want right? I feel like such a hypocrite every time I walk into my messy, cluttered room. Time to change it up, new minimalist me. Over the next few weeks im going to de-clutter and attempt to get rid of shit. Which is easier said than done. Often the stuff we keep we feel we are obliged to. "Oh but my ex boyfriends mum gave me that!" or "that reminds me of a trip I took", whatever the excuse may be, minimising my stuff wont be easy.

Lets start with my wardrobe and clothing. Lets be honest, clothing or fashion for women are like crack. Its one way we can feel good about ourselves,  how we express our creativity and personality. Don't mess with a well dressed woman, her confidence is infectious. But is it necessary to have a new outfit for everyday of the year? And what happens to that clothing when its no longer 'in fashion'? Us women often cant go past a deal or bargain but what is the true cost?

Ive been looking into this issue of fast fashion. Clothing filled with synthetics and chemicals made by under paid laborers, designed to fall apart. At the end of the day these big (relatively affordable) clothing companies are thinking of their bottom line and profit, and I get it! But the true cost just isn't worth it. I do not want to get all preachy but here are a couple of really good articles that explore the fast fashion industry in more depth if you are interested.

5 truths the fashion industry doesn't want you to know

The true price of fast fashion

This quick vid puts it simply. Watch it!

So as hard as it was, I did a major clear out. I got ruthless, the first cull consisted of at least 50% of my clothes. I even ended up making a couple of bucks. Recycle Boutique we more than happy to take most of it off my hands, and it meant I didn't have to spend hours putting them up on trademe! The rest went to the Sallies #feelgoodmoment

You know what else is nice, not having so many clothes means I don't have to think about what I'm going to wear as much. Less stress, always a winner. 

So a low impact wardrobe is the goal here, but just having a clear out isn't the complete solution. Buying less and shopping smarter is a bloody good place to start though. You heard it Buying. Less. (Gasp) Do it for the planet yo! 

Happy Sustainable Sunday,

K xx