One year on.

Well it's official, the honeymoon period is well and truly over. Goldmine has past its one year anniversary, so its fitting that I am focusing on putting pen to paper over this next year! What a better time to reflect apon my journeys first year, whilst sitting on top of a hill looking at the ocean at Solscape, Raglan's eco retreat. What a hippie!

Solscape Raglan

This last year has been a whirlwind. What with starting a blog, graduating, traveling to South America, all the while trying to transition into a zero waste lifestyle. I didnt quite get to my goal of being zero waste within a year, but hey, I'm still a hell of a lot closer than this time last year. My bathroom is zero waste, my minimalist bedroom is coming along and I'm starting to change things up in the kitchen. Oh doesnt that just sound lovely?! HA! The struggles are and will always be real.  Here are a few;

1. Coconut oil - Everywhere. Being the basis of most of my products (and being) - I still may spontaneously combust into a coconut myself - it seems to have a way of getting spilled through every bag I own. But I guess constantly smelling of coconut isn't all bad.  

2. Going without when I'm unorganised. I'm unorganised - 85% of the time. I'll forget my keep cup, or reuseable bags, which sometimes mean I have to go without coffee or try to juggle four grocery items in my arms. This has been the biggest change and challenge, throughout this year I have been trying to rewire my brain in terms of organisation. Breaking old habits and creating new, you know what? After a year, it's finally working. 

3. Getting over the fear of what people may think.  I over think everything, always have and always will but the reality is that there will always people who won't understand it or like it, simply because its different. But thats ok. 

4. Constantly being hard on myself for not finding quick fixes. Ive had some massive fails, trying to make my own shampoo was one! But eventually I found away around it and now buy Eco Store shampoo buy the bulk at my local Bin Inn. 

 So whats next for myself and Goldmine?

This year is about getting down to business. I have just started a new job! Im not really sure how but I've landed myself a marketing job with a start up company who are bringing a more sustainable way of building to the New Zealand market. More to come on that! 

I have enrolled myself into post graduate study. First up is a Certificate in Science and Technology, focusing on Environmental Science. Shit. 

Get back on track with Sustainable Sundays and zero waste posts - I know I havent been to active on that lately but it is a priority! As both myself and the blog grow and transform, there may be a shift in focus, I'm not sure where yet but who knows! Im also going to start posting about some what uncomfortable topics, keep an eye out on one regarding sexuality soon.  

So yeah, this year will be jampacked. But lets be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Now I'll leave you this years buzz word, actually I have two - these are to help me stay accountable and grounded.

Authenticity   &  Transperency

This should be fun, 

Katie xx