Sustainable Sunday #1 - (just moved it)

My bathroom is atrocious, just ask my mother. Everything is in plastic packaging, and to my surprise ¾ of my products packaging cannot be recycled. It almost seems that we are so dependent on plastic. This led me to ask the question, what is the deal with recycling? So I have done a bit of research, to recycle any plastics it must have a number and the little arrow symbol on it. If it doesn’t and you pop it into the recycling it will just be rejected. Also make sure the containers are clean, any residue or left over body wash in it, and it will again be rejected (please correct me if I am wrong). This has made me even more determined to make my own products and come up with creative ways to eliminate plastic waste from my life.

This week I experienced a small victory on my journey toward a zero waste lifestyle, my daily dental hygiene routine is now completely waste free! You know you’re turning into a bit of a nerd when you get excited over bamboo toothbrushes. But damn are they sexy.

GoBamboo is a small company running out of Gisborne, who are making some pretty cool products. They are all 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo. Products include toothbrushes (for children and adults), clothes pegs and cotton buds. I do hope that they expand their line soon! Finished with the products? Pop them straight into the compost bin, or old toothbrushes can be used and stakes in the vege garden. I found mine at the local Bin Inn, but they are available online as well 

They are a perfect match with DIY toothpaste. The list of chemicals in store brought toothpaste is long and the tubes are non-recyclable, so DIY toothpaste is ideal. I’ve been using homemade toothpaste for a while now and I must say it’s fantastic, my teeth have never felt so clean. Yes it does take some getting used to, it’s a little salty and doesn’t foam like normal toothpaste but it’s all good! There are tons of different recipes on the internet, so try a few out, see what you like and what suits you.

Heres the recipe I use (again from the Trash is for Tossers gal!)

3 tablespoons coconut oil

2 tablespoons of baking soda

20-25 drops of peppermint oil

Just mix together, easy!

Missing your mouthwash, try a teaspoon of coconut oil (Liquid) instead, meant to be a great alternative and draws out toxins. I’m yet to try this but I will!

Happy Sustainable Sunday!