Working with Beyond the Bin

Yesterday I got the opportunity to work with Beyond the Bin at the Tauranga A & P Show. Ive had the pleasure of working with Kim, the wonderful mind and soul, behind the event waste management business, a few times now and I wanted to finally share the experience here on my blog!

Event waste management is pretty straight forward and not too complicated but having established systems are vital! The day consisted of setting up bin stations around the event and monitoring them for cross contamination throughout the day. During this time I got the opportunity to help educate about waste and start a conversation around it (to those who would listen). It was incredibly interesting to observe peoples behaviour to waste, most would throw what they wanted in any bin, without looking at the signs. 

Each bin station had three bins, one for recycling, one for compostable waste and one for landfill. They all had examples of the packaging and waste meant for each bin. Separation of waste is the most simple yet effective tool for event waste minimisation. 

After the show ended we did a sweep of the grounds for any litter and bought all the bins in to our main area. Heres where the fun started! We went through all the compostable waste to ensure zero plastic or non compostable waste was mixed in. The composting plants are strict on contamination! Because we were able to check the bins continuously during the day, this didn't take long at all. Then all of the waste was weighed. 

Event waste management is so incredibly important but unfortunately its not being implemented well or even at all! Beyond the Bin have released a series of videos for event planners to help support the implementation of effective waste management at their events. Make sure you check them out at Beyond the Bin 

Happy sustainable days! 


Never got my hay ride! 

Never got my hay ride! 

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