The problem with bio and ‘compostable’ plastics

As we see the age of plastic bags die, much to the disgust of some, a new evil is rearing its ugly head. Bio and ‘compostable’ plastics. You may be able to tell already, I’m not a fan. They look like plastic, act like plastic and many of our commercial composting plants don’t want them. We are currently being brainwashed that this new form of plastic is good and that it won’t contribute to the plastic pollution problem. Consumers can use them with a clear conscious. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s green washing.

Plastics made of plants – seems like a great idea right? Yes they are made of renewable resources instead of fossil fuels. Which is the main reason they were conceived, to use less non-renewable resources. Which is a great innovation! However what they don’t address or consider is end of life. These types of plastics are processed in a way to act exactly like regular plastics. Often you can’t tell the difference between the two. And unfortunately, in a water environment, ocean, river or lake they act exactly like normal plastics. 

The other issue is that they don’t address or solve is our disposable culture. They are simply giving people a clear conscious to consume disposables. Our planet cannot sustain a disposable culture. Our society needs an attitude shift and single use plastics is a great place to start. To shift our reliance from disposable to reusable will create a flow on effect. My hope is that people won’t give in to the bio, ‘compostable’, biodegradable plastic BS.

Others will argue that if they are going to commercial composters what's the problem? If they are going to these facilities great! But don’t you think we should be making sure real organic waste should be going to these facilities first?

Any way, those are my musings on the subject - I would love to hear your thoughts!


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