Sarah Wolf - Social innovator, Fashionista, Sustainability Warrior


Sarah is a sustainability warrior and the mastermind behind the Carousel Clothing Library. Hamilton’s first fashion library located at The Creators, in Hamilton.

Sarah has worked with environmental and social charities, for most of her working life which has grown her interest and awareness on how every action has both environmental and social implications. At the same time she has always had a love for fashion, despite the tension between the industry and sustainability. She believes that fashion is a form of expression in which there are so many opportunities to make eco conscious choices without undermining personal style.

The way carousel works is exactly like that of a book library, you gain a membership and then borrow clothing, as simple as that. Borrow at a month at time, then bring them back and swap them for different items. This concept came about as part of her permaculture course as a project and she was inspired by a trip she took to LA and experienced the best vintage shopping. What started as just a research project soon became reality when she discovered clothing libraries were popping up around the world. 

Through her work in the fashion sphere, she has explored different ways in which it can be more sustainable. She is a huge supporter of buying secondhand but she has come to witness some waste issues. Op shops are now receiving more and more unwanted garments, and while consumers think this is helpful or a sustainable practice, the reality is that the ops shops can’t handle the quantities. Things that won’t sell are still destined for landfill, which the op shops have to pay for. Perfectly fine clothing going to waste. Here is where the clothing library makes an impact and introduces another step towards a circular economy.

She’s been challenged by the attitude of many that there is still a great desire for ownership. The library doesn’t sell clothes and many have had a reaction to that. They want to buy, not borrow. Sarah is passionate about low consumption habits, “As long as we are buying new stuff, there is a need to produce it.”

Sarah believes in the importance of people being able to express themselves through fashion, to be able to refresh your look. The library creates a sustainable way to do that. A sharing and circular world is the best world. Check out Carousel Library ASAP. There is something for everyone!