Sustainable Sunday - A Few of My Favourite Things

If you know me you'll that one thing that gets my blood boiling is disposable plastic packaging in the terms of anything takeaway. Coffee cups, plastic cups and plastic water bottles. Say an average person consumes five takeaway coffees a week, that would amount to 14 kilos of waste per year. With New Zealand's coffee culture growing I'd hate to imagine how much waste in total that is! 

But never fear my friends there are solutions. And the come in the form of a few of my favourite things, I introduce you to my trusty, Keepcup, Eco-Tanka and Mason Jar.  



These wonderful products satisfy my on the run lifestyle, guilt free and zero waste.  Keepcup's  have been designed for only the best barista made coffee, they are wonderfully designed and dishwasher safe. I opted for the glass one. 

I don't go any where without my Eco Tanka, finally a reusable, safe, non toxic water bottle! Made from stainless steel, considerably more hygienic than plastic bottles and surprisingly light. 

And finally my lovely mason jar (with lid), suddenly the latest trend calls for healthy juices and smoothies, but they must be able to be enjoyed on the run right?! This jar never fails me, and generally cafes are happy oblige although I do get funny looks.  

See it is easy to make zero waste decisions! Using these products have considerably cut down my waste but of course they aren't the only options. What are your favourite reusable products?  


Happy sustainable sunday!