Sustainable Sunday - Bulk Buying

We all lead busy lives. Not everyone has time to make their own beauty products and such. So whats the next best alternative? BUYING IN BULK!  

I have still not mastered the art of making my own shampoo or soap bars (maybe one day) but for now I am more than happy with the beautiful Eco Store products that I buy in bulk. Yes that's right you can buy them in bulk, free of plastic packaging. 

Eco Store is a New Zealand company start by husband and wife duo in 1993. Who had a mission to eliminate chemicals from household products that's everything from laundry, hair care, home cleaning products and everything in between. You gotta love that this ingenuity came from NZ.  

So once a month I head down to my local Bin Inn to fill stock up on shampoo, package free bar soaps and any other cleaning product I may need. Don’t have your own glass containers? Just reuse your plastic ones! - every little bit helps.



Theres something about the likes of Binn Inn's and other bulk stores that really excite me! (yes I know - GEEK!) but I want to know where more are?? Help!  

Any way thats my short and sweet sustainable sunday tip - yes I know its monday! 

Happy days,