Sustainable Sunday - Girl Talk

Recently, two things have changed both my cycle and connection to my body. 

It’s not uncommon for women all around the world to feel ashamed or even 'unclean' around the time of their monthly cycle. Media influences, society, and even tampon and pad marketing all contribute to these feelings. Over time one of the most natural things has become unnatural. The fact that we use disposables for this glorious time, enforces that its some how dirty and anything that touches it needs to be thrown away. Not only that, we have grown up thinking that monthly PMS is normal. Like its our monthly punishment for being a woman. But we shouldn’t be experiencing PMS, it our bodies telling us something is out of whack.

Year to date, two little things have changed my thinking and helped feel more in touch or 'in sync' with my body.

1. My period cup, menstrual cup, moon cup or whatever you like to call it. They aren't as scary as you may think, although they do take some getting used to. I found that the journey, or trial and error phase was incredibly empowering. It helped me feel closer to my body and broke down the negative views I had about my period, from years of feeling ashamed. I picked up my Mooncup at Wanderlust this year and have never looked back. I was drawn to it because of my zero waste journey but discovered more benefits that I had never imagined. I believe it has played a part in reducing my PMS, after years of late, irregular periods, cramps, back pain. Everything has eased. But not only the cup but I have finally found a tracker app that has stuck! 


2. The MyFlo app has also played a role in changing my cycle for the better. Now this is not just a period tracking app, its an educational app! It was first introduced to me by my absolute favourite blogger/foodie/holistic superwoman, Lee Tilghman (check out her blog Lee From America). This tracker breaks up your period in into four and each week teaches you about where your body is at hormone wise. From this it helps with healthy food, exercise and mental recommendations.


Its amazing how something so simple can help with mood and energy yet we are never taught anything like this growing up. Maybe is we started teaching nutrition like we do maths or english at high school, PMS could be a condition eventually taught in history.

Happy Sustainable Sunday!