Sustainable Sunday - Scrubs

I have to be honest, my timing and organisation at the best of times is still pretty slack, I wrote this post back before Christmas and never got it finished, then I had in my mind to have it out before Mothers Day. Yea that didn't happen either. But here it is! Scrub time. (with a Christmas flair?)

With Christmas literally around the next corner, I can already feel the stress in the air. "Hows the Christmas shopping going?" - cringe - I haven't even started yet, the common response. Which leads me to my next zero waste bathroom product, of which you can make out of anything lying around your kitchen - they make the best presents, men you will get major brownie points.

Scrubs are my new favourite thing, I got slightly carried away with trying different scents and ingredients, but they are the easiest things to make and can be easily altered to suit your likes. 

First - Pick an exfoliant - the scrubby part. Sea salt, sugar (white or even coconut), oatmeal or coffee grounds, which are my favourite. 

Second - Pick a base or oil. I've experimented with coconut oil, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), avocado oil, sweet almond oil. Now depending on how you like your scrubs, "Will that be dry or wet mam?", depends on how much oil you put in. I like to make mine with half and half coconut and sweet almond oil. Word of warning, if you are making them with coconut oil, remember it does solidify and makes the scrubs a little harder to work with. I don't mind this so much because the smell totally makes up for it.   

Third  - essential oils - if you want a particular smell.

Before sharing my favourite recipe for scrubs, I want to briefly go into different properties of the ingredients you may use. What I find incredibly satisfying is to hear about you readers experimenting and trying things out for yourself. Sure we don’t always have time but sometimes we have to slow down, getting in the kitchen to make things like scrubs helps with that. Slower living reconnects us with the earth and our surroundings.

Sea Salt - Reduce inflammation, flush toxins and removes dead skin cells

Lavender oil - good for aches and pains, muscle stiffness. Skin disinfectant and enhances blood circulation. 

Honey (preferably raw) - keeps pores clear and clean. Nourishes, cleanses, hydrates. Combine with baking soda for a gentle exfoliator.   

Yogurt - for lighter, brighter skin. Smaller pores and helps fight acne. 

Oatmeal - removes dryness, relieves itchiness. Skin brightner. 

Lemon oil - rejuvenates sagging or tired skin. Good for reducing excessive oil. Increases the luster (I love that word!) of dull skin. 

Macadamia Oil - Super moisturising.  

Peppermint Oil - Good for blood circulation and creates a cooling sensation. 

Coffee grounds - reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite  


Here's my recipe for my favourite - be warned once again, it smells good enough to eat.  

Coffee Coconut Scrub:

1 cup of ground coffee beans
( I get mine from the local Bin Inn and grind them at home in a bullet to a medium to fine coarseness)

1/2 cup sweet almond oil 

3 tablespoons coconut oil



Happy Sustainable Sunday!