Sustainable Sunday - You beauty!

With a zero waste journey comes changes in every aspect of your life and beauty products are no exceptions! But let’s face it - old habits die hard. I have been searching for natural beauty products, free of plastic packaging and finally some success! Ive you haven’t already been introduced, here are my two favourites - RMS Beauty and Tailor. 


RMS Beauty  was created by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, who after years in the industry started to experience health issues. Tests came back to show that her blood contained toxic levels of heavy metals, the cuplrit - years of toxic makeup use. So she created an all organic, natural beauty range! And whats best? It comes in beautiful glass pots. I cant wait to use one for my homemade lip balm or mascara! Available @ Mecca Cosmetics. My favourites are the Un Cover up - light foundation which makes my skin feel healthy and natural. Oh and the Living Luminiser. Trust me you need this in your life.

For more on what to steer clear of in terms of toxic ingredients check out  

For the skin, my go to is New Zealand skin care range Tailor. Again the story starts with a woman who was brave enough to question what we put on our skin. Ladies, the toxicity of some of those beauty products is criminal! So Sara Quilter started to make her own all natural skincare range. And I am so glad she did. Arent the glass bottles just the cutest?! Unfortunately they have stopped their recycling program for the glass bottles but they will be perfect for using again as little vases or travel bottles. The possibilities are endless. I'm using the range for combination skin, which is helping my spots while still hydrating my skin in the places I need it.


Times are changing and the war against plastic pollution is heating up.  

Happy Sustainable Sunday